Best Movie Speeches of All Time: And the Oscar goes to

Best Movie Speeches of All Time: And the Oscar goes to

And the Oscar goes to.. is a south Indian most recent film Malayalam language dramatization movie. This film shows the valid and genuine battles of a south Indian producer who travels to another country to accomplish the objectives they are energetic about. This film is delivered in 2019 and afterward named into telugu. It is a moderate paced film with somewhat of a connection between affection life and energy life that a character battles all through his excursion. When a helpless youngster needs to make a film, will he succeed? Watch And the Oscar goes to movie online to know the problems that a passionate person goes through. It’s a hd movies.


Issak Ebrahem is a youngster enthusiastic about creating movies of his own, he needs to turn into a movie chief. He chooses to deliver and coordinate a story dependent on a genuine individual named Moidukka. He sells the property which was under his name for cash to put resources into his film. His father thoroughly has faith in what he does on the grounds that they accept he does everything deliberately. At that point he goes to meet the entertainer, cinematographer and both consent to go with the shooting and every one of them with a ton of battles, finishes the film completely. Without anticipating anything from it, his film gets a public honor for best entertainer and best film of the year. At that point with all the bliss, his film will likewise be authoritatively submitted to the oscar for best unknown dialect film of the year for which he needs to go US with the little sum he has with him. Maria will be selected as an agent of an unfamiliar showcasing organization to deal with the necessities of Issak Ebrahem. As he makes due around the nation he has never been to by eating the food he never tasted and living under the rooftops that never gave him enough security to his psyche is the feeling that each indian can feel.

Technical Asset:

  • The Script is amazing the manner in which they portrayed the battle of the energetic movie producer will destroy your heart. It’s an interesting method of composing.
  • Music is the angle which conveys the feeling and causes you to feel the inclination that film is clutching. So you feel it well while observing
  • Editing is a totally refreshing part in this film.
  • Dialogues, as it is a sincerely esteemed film, discoursed assumed a significant part in the accomplishment of catching eye of the crowd. 

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Tovino Thomas

Actress: AnuSithara

Other actors: Sreenivasan, Siddique, Salim Kumar

Director: SalimAhamed

Art Director:

Banner: Allens Media, Canadian Movie

Producer: Salim Ahamed, PrasanthkumarChandran, TP Sudheesh

Music: Bijibal

Cinematography: Madhu Ambat

Editing: Vijay Shankar

Story By: Salim Ahamed

Distributed by: Kalasangham Films

Other information:

Runtime: 124 Mins

Release date: 21 June 2019

Genre: Drama

This is a delightful vibe film you should watch. Watch And the Oscar goes to movie online on Aha!