Best Movies about College in Online

Getting an education is essential in the society of today, so significant; it is become the topic for a great deal of movies. There are a few movies out there about faculty which are better than others, of course that also depends upon your personal taste on movie genres. There are all kinds of movie genres about faculty like horror, comedy, drama, love, there are documentaries on the topic. However some are better than others, which lead us to our listing of the greatest movies about colleges. The movie Accepted is about a group of children who choose to make their very own and did not make it. The main character, Bartleby Justin Long, is the master mind behind the plot that ends up backfiring on him if a large group of student shows up ready to begin the semester. Bartleby and his friends choose to let the students all in and have. The college school board finds out and they need to struggle to create South Harmon a university.

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 Arevenge of the Nerds’ is a college movie. When two friends, Lewis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowe, who are also large nerds, are accepted to Adams College, they are harassed and educated by members of the Alpha Beta fraternity and Pi Delta Pi sorority. The two friends choose to join a fraternity in order that they can bring their complaints into the Council regarding the Alpha Betas, but they are rejected from all the national fraternities for the Lambda Lambda Lambdas. The nerds use ability and their logic to take the Council over libertyland and the nerds get their revenge. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder starring Ryan Reynolds is all about college life. Van Wilder is the most popular student at Coolidge College and spends seven years in college. Van meets a woman; Gwen Pearson Tara Reid who is one of those head reporters at the college’s news paper, the issue is she has a boyfriend. Needless to say, both are currently fighting for the woman, less in dueling, but seeing who can cause the most damage with pranks that are unique. He is forced to complete in six days and has to graduate, but although one of the pranks gets Van expelled. Van gets the girl in the end of course, and he graduates college.

The number one movie about faculty is Animal House. Another movie by National Lampoon follows a group of men in the Delta Tau Chi fraternity. The fraternity is an outcast on campus and the Dean places them on double secret probation for non academic standings of members and repeated campus offenses. In the mean time he places a rival fraternity Omega Theta Pi’s head to find away to eliminate the fraternity once and for all. The movie shows as they receive their fraternity banned from campus and is expelled from college, the boy’s mad antics.