Things You Must Know About Keeping Your Skin Healthy

The skin is quite an amazing organ. Weighing in at almost nine pounds, on average, the skin is the first line of defense for the body. The trouble is that we are not born with a user manual for our skin. To compound the issue, the most education people receive on the subject come from marketing messages produced by the skin care industry. As you will discover, the skin, although an amazing organ, is not that complicated to take care of. Below are the 5 essential things you should know about taking care of your skin. The purpose of skin is to protect you and to excrete wastes. It takes oxygen and nutrients from the blood not the air or any topical treatment to help keep it healthy. It also expels oils, toxins and sweat through its pores. All of this, plus heavy moisturizers and creams and the pores can become clogged.

Effective Skin Care

Eat a healthy diet complete with plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables that a high in fiber, water and antioxidants. In addition to eating properly, avoid excess alcohol and all tobacco products. Keep your skin by cleansing with warm or lukewarm water. Splash the water on your skin gently and never expose your skin to extreme temperatures. Very hot or cold water can damage the tiny blood vessels in your skin, called capillaries. Also, while bathing avoid getting shampoo or other hair products on your skin because they can cause irritation. Remember to include your neck as part of facial skin care. When trying out products on your skin, always test with a small area. No matter what the claims on the product you can still have a reaction to a new product. Cleansing is very important because clogged pores usually precede acne and blemishes. A cleanser should be slightly acidic to avoid stripping oils from the skin. Work the cleanser into your hands and then gently apply to your skin.

Splash plenty of lukewarm water on your skin to remove the cleanser. In certain circumstances, you may need to cleanse twice. An example would include if you were wearing heavy cosmetics and orcosmetics for a very long time. Toning is the most important part of the skin care regimen. Toners are composed of mostly water and a little alcohol. They tighten the skin and help prepare it to receive the moisturizer. Make sure to check the ingredients and get one that contains acetyl alcohol. Any other kind of alcohol is too strong for the skin.

Effective Skin Care

The best way to apply a toner is with a spray bottle. It does not need to be wiped off either. The last step is to moisturize. No matter if you have dry or oily skin, you still should moisturize. Make sure the moisturizer you choose is nonalkaline cream, lotion or gel. The type you buy should be based on your skin type. If you have dry skin, you can use a heavier product. Depending on your lifestyle, you can also you a day cream and a night cream instead of a single product.