Tips for Picking a Fingerprint SingaporeTime Attendance System

Biometric Technology enables identification of individual based on intrinsic physical traits. There are numerous body parts that are generally used for biometric identification, by way of instance, fingerprint, face, iris, and hands. Fingerprint is the one which most widely used for identification system. Aside from showing exceptional pattern for every individual, fingerprint also have other attributes which make it popular biometric thing, by way of instance, simple to catch, consistent throughout human lifespan and empower snappy verification.

Today, Fingerprint attendance system machine has been widely used as conventional office equipments. Its use encompasses variety of functions. It is used for controlling the physical security access, authenticating benefit for particular business process, and also recording period attendance. This article mainly examines the previous problem, which is to enable you to pick fingerprint machine for a time attendance recorder. Here are several features that you must consider when picking fingerprint machine:

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  • Type of Sensor: detector is the most Significant part of fingerprint machine. It captures the image of fingerprint before being converted to specific identification number. There are two most common types of sensors: optical detector and silicon sensor.
  • Optical Sensor is the earliest type of sensor. It is simpler to implement and relatively more secure in various room temperature. However its performance will be profoundly determined by the clarity of the optical surface. Because of this, when picking fingerprint machine with optical detector, you need to think about the coated optical detector. The coat prevents the detector from being touched directly and preserves the clarity of optical surface.
  • Silicon Sensor is more current Technology, it constructs fingerprint image by mapping pressing variable or capacitance contrasts between the epidermis and the silicon chip. This technology offers several benefits like creating a more accurate fingerprint image, occupying smaller distance, and requiring smaller to funding execute. However, unprotected silicon detector will not be durable for regular usage. Consequently, Silicon Sensor is not commonly utilized for public use, by way of instance, time attendance machine which will be accessed many times daily.
  • Ability of Fingerprint Template: Capacity of fingerprint template is maximum number of fingerprint image which can be saved inside the Fingerprint Machine. It is a good idea to select a fingerprint machine which has fingerprint detector at least twice the maximum amount of worker. By having variety of fingerprint template double the amount of employee, each employee can enroll a backup finger if the machine has a problem for identification.