Designing a Professional Kitchen: The Key Role of Stainless Steel Equipment

Stainless steel equipment is durable, versatile and easy to clean. It has broad temperature tolerances, resists corrosion and is highly recyclable.

It can be found in cookware, cutlery, surgical instruments, major appliances and vehicles as well as industrial equipment and liquid storage tanks. Stainless steel equipment can last for hundreds of years with regular cleaning and passivation treatments.

Serving Carts

Stainless steel serving carts offer an efficient way to store your catering equipment and kitchen supplies in a compact space. Many also include additional features like a basket, sidebar with hooks, or a removable top for food prep work or expanding your counter space. Choose a model with shelves that are adjustable in 1″ increments for a customizable storage solution to meet your specific needs.

Whether you’re preparing for an outdoor party or need more space in your restaurant’s kitchen, these food service carts are a simple, straightforward solution. Use them to serve products that don’t require refrigeration, or as a portable workstation that you can roll to a guest’s table.

The sleek modern look of this kitchen cart from Seville Classics makes it a gorgeous addition to your restaurant decor. Its spacious top can be used for food prep, and it comes with a built-in utensil holder and a towel bar to keep tools and rags handy. Its lower shelf has room for a large ice bucket, so you can save trips back and forth to your kitchen while entertaining guests. Its lockable casters ensure easy mobility. Other features on this model include a raised rear and side edge to prevent messes, and an interior with sound deadening material that restricts vibration and noise.

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Tray Racks

A stainless steel tray rack is a great way to keep your equipment organized and out of the way. These carts are a solid choice for ice cream machines at concession stands, industrial mixers at restaurants or butcheries, and even food and drink dispensers at kiosks. They can easily support heavy equipment with their sturdy bases and are resistant to heat, rust, and impact.

Like other pieces of stainless steel cookware bep cong nghiep, these racks come in different grades to reflect the amount of chromium and nickel they contain. A higher grade, such as 18/10, offers greater durability. Some pieces may also have cladding, which is the construction process by which layers of stainless steel sandwich an aluminum core. This allows for the benefits of both materials and provides superior thermal conductivity.

Unlike a standard work table, these carts have safety features not found on generic tables to protect workers. They have top edging to prevent equipment and supplies from falling off during transport, convenient working heights, adjustable feet for uneven surfaces, and more. They’re a must-have for any busy restaurant or commercial kitchen.


Stainless steel canisters are great for keeping food items like herbs, seasonings, sugar, flour and other dry goods fresh. They feature a clear flip-top lid so you can see what’s inside and a locking clasp to keep contents secure. The brushed finish hides fingerprints and scratches so the canisters will maintain a professional appearance for a long time. The 61-ounce capacity offers plenty of storage for your ingredients.


Our canisters have an airtight seal that keeps foods fresh and extends their shelf-life. It also protects the contents from insects and moisture while retaining flavor. They are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and have no smelly odors.

Stylish and durable, these canisters are made from premium, 304-grade stainless steel that is ideal for foodservice use. The wide rim is heat and shatter resistant to help prevent breakage. The tempered glass lids are also easy to clean and are BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. These canisters are great for storing coffee, tea, sugar, cocoa, flour, and other dry foods. They look great on your countertop, in your pantry, or anywhere else you want to store them. They are also stackable and can be easily transported. Each set includes four assorted sizes to fit your needs.